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Brand new controller specially built for strategy game6 programmable buttons3 shift buttonsRecord complex button presses and play them back whenever you want

With more buttons on it than you have fingers, Microsoft's foray into the world of peripherals sees them present the Strategic Commander, a device aimed at those of us who enjoy a good RTS.

Used in conjunction with your standard mouse, the Strategic Commander aims to take away the worry of having to remember all of those crazy shortcuts that this type of game seems to be getting more of.

Can't remember how to program your troops to guard the harvester Simply start by programming one of the buttons--six buttons at your fingertips with shift and control options to treble that--and all of a sudden when you press a single button, bingo they start to guard.

If this wasn't enough to get your mouth watering, the Commander also comes with the ability to move the map, again allowing your other hand to control the troops.

To be honest, the idea of trying to help you remember all the short cuts is a common problem. In the past this has been tackled with mouse pads and big cardboard cut-outs that you lay over your keyboard, but this attempt seems to be one of the better options.

Although you could get confused and start moving the wrong mouse, the device can be a great help to remembering everything, and like so many peripherals today, all the functions from your favourite game can be downloaded to save the time of punching them all in individually. --Stuart Miles

Manufacturer's Description

Get ready for a revolution in strategy gaming. SideWinder Strategic Commander brings your strategy game play to a new level by allowing you to move, deploy and command your forces faster and more efficiently. Its innovative map movement control lets you scroll and spin the map quickly and intuitively. In addition, its brilliant design puts customisable commands at your fingertips. Get ready to play as fast as you think with the Strategic Commander, a shortcut to victory

SideWinder Strategic Commander CBSAWCMIA

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